2018 and 5-Year Collier Heights Home Sales Report

Collier Heights Real Estate has seen a dramatic improvement in prices over the past 5 years. In 2013 the highest priced home sold in Collier Heights, according to data pulled from Georgia Multiple List Service for single family homes, was $55,000. Compare that with the highest priced home sold last year which was $250,000.

An even more impressive 5 year difference is median home price. In 2018 the median price for a home sold in Collier Heights was $131,000. In 2013 it was only $25,875, an increase of over 400%!

Because prices have increased the number of homes sold has increased as well. In 2018, 48 homes were compared with only 10 homes that were sold in 2013. The time it takes to sell a home dropped from 93 days to only 30 days.

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For a complete list of all of the homes sold in Collier Heights in 2018 click on the link below.

Collier Heights 2018 Real Estate Report


Calculating Your Collier Heights Home Value


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